Project Manager Salary 2018: How much money Project Managers earn?

2018 Project Manager Salary

Have you ever wondered how much money the project managers earn, and how PMP certification will lead to a salary increase? More than 33,000 project managers from 37 countries have recently taken part in a comprehensive survey of project manager salary. This survey has been conducted by the PMI, the leading professional organization for project management in the world, and the results are quite surprising.

An overview of the survey results; 70% of the respondents said that their total compensation (including project manager salary, bonuses and other benefits) increased over the 12 months. Another important point is that this survey shows the survey respondents holding the PMP certification report higher salaries than those without a PMP certification.

Reported project manager salary varied mostly depending on a number of key demographic factors:

  • Country of employment
  • Number of years of experience in project management
  • Position/role
  • Average size of projects managed, including average project budget and average project team size

Country of Employment

The highest annual project manager salary reported by the project managers is $ 130,996 in Switzerland. This is followed by America (112,000USD) and Australia (108,593 USD) respectively. No surprisingly, three Swiss cities; Zurich, Geneva and Basel remain among the top ten cities in the world for highest quality of living, according to the latest annual survey by global consulting company Mercer. Weekly working time is only 35 hours. More than 20% of the population consists of foreigners.

Only the respondents who reported that they are employed “full-time” are included in the salary data. Top 20 highest Median project manager’s salaries earned from country to country are listed below:

  1. Switzerland – $130,966
  2. United States – $112,000
  3. Australia – $108,593
  4. Germany – $88,449
  5. Netherlands – $86,292
  6. United Arab Emirates – $84,930
  7. New Zealand – $84,480
  8. Qatar – $82,314
  9. United Kingdom – $81,227
  10. Belgium – $78,035
  11. Ireland– $75,506
  12. Hong Kong– $74,160
  13. Sweden– $73,769
  14. Canada– $73,495
  15. South Africa– $71,802
  16. Singapore– $67,875
  17. Saudi Arabia– $63,979
  18. Japan– $62,930
  19. France– $62,562
  20. South Korea– $62,300

Number of years of experience in project management

As expected, when the number of years of experience gained in project management increases, the salary earned increases correspondingly.  A rolling stone gathers no moss, keep working!

 PMP Certificate Status & Position/Role

Certification Has Big Impact on Project Management Salaries, According to 2018 PMI Salary Survey.

First you need to know that 82% of those respondents have PMP certification. In the following table, you can see, having a PMP certificate directly contributes to the salary increase in all countries included in this survey. However, the benefits of having a PMP vary from country to country. It is no surprise that in the job ads, PMP certification is the reason for preference.

Country Having PMP Non-PMP PMP Advantage
South Africa $75,392 $47,868 58%
Ecuador $39,800 $26,000 53%
India $27,486 $20,264 36%
Poland $41,754 $31,662 32%
United States $115,000 $92,000 25%
Brazil $46,080 $36,864 25%
New Zealand $88,704 $72,512 22%
Singapore $69,304 $57,158 21%
Belgium $81,080 $66,876 21%
Turkey $33,130 $27,608 20%
United Kingdom $82,477 $69,980 18%
Canada $74,995 $63,746 18%
Germany $90,607 $78,202 16%
Switzerland $136,003 $121,718 12%

In addition, how long you are holding a PMP certification has a direct impact on salary growth. Similarly, as your responsibility increases, the salary you receive increase.

It’s important not only to have PMP Certification, but also how long you are holding PMP certification. At the end of the 3rd year, you can earn 60 PDUs and extend your certificate for another 3 years without re-entering the exam.

In many countries, project managers who manage larger projects in terms of average number of team members and average project budget report higher salaries.

Project Management Salary Survey 10th Edition highlights include:

33.000 people around the world participated in the survey.

PMP® holders reported that, as expected, years of experience led to higher pay. Among 37 countries, people with PMP certification, earn 23% more than those without.

Let’s measure your degree of PMP exam readiness. This practice quiz contains 10 questions.

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