Project Manager Responsibilities: What do project managers do?

30 Project Manager Responsibilities:

  1. The Project Manager ensures the success of the project by utilizing appropriate the project management knowledge and skills.
  2. She/he ensures common understanding how the project fits into organization’s strategic objectives.
  3. The Project Manager develops the project charter or participate in the development of the project charter document.
  4. He/ she organizes a kick-off meeting to make sure that everyone is on the same page and to gain buy-in.
  5. He/she gathers, determines and priorities the requirements from all stakeholders.
  6. He/she determines the scope of the project as a result of the gathered requirements.
  7. The Project Manager does not need to be a technical expert.
  8. He/she builds and sustains the effective communication between the project team and he/she is responsible for removing roadblocks.
  9. She/he determines who should communicate with whom.
  10. The Project Manager leads project team and other stakeholders through the project lifecycle, ensures that the all team members have the information, skills and equipment needed to do their job properly, help everybody on the right track.
  11. One of the project manager responsibilities is make sure that team conflicts get resolved.
  12. She/he convinces the functional managers to assign resources to the project (for functional organization)
  13. The Project Manager is responsible for the preparation, control and monitoring of project management plans.
  14. She/he determines and sequence the activities. The next step is to estimate the amount of time each activity is expected to take.
  15. She/he manages and control the project schedule, if the project will be completed later than planned; she/he develops strategies (such as fast track, crash, reduce scope, cut quality etc…) to shorten the schedule.
  16. She/ he is responsible for creating realistic time plans and make sure that the agreed-upon project completion date is met.
  17. She/he is responsible for planning, managing and controlling the project budget.
  18. She / he determines time and cost reserves to deal with any issues that might come across.
  19. She/he is responsible for the determination and delivery of the desired level of quality.
  20. He/she is responsible for the change management.
  21. He/she evaluate the impact of the change on the triple project constraint (time, scope and cost)
  22. He/ she performs project control and performance monitoring.
  23. The project team identifies project risks and creates risk responses with experts and stakeholders and she/he is responsible for controlling and monitoring risks.
  24. The Project Manager is responsible for the success or failure of the project.
  25. He/she obtains the formal acceptance of the deliverables from the customer.
  26. She/he makes sure that all the terms of the contract are met.
  27. He/she identifies, documents, and updates the lessons learned.
  28. Another project manager responsibilities is that he/she indexes and archives all project records.
  29. He/she follows all laws and company policies.
  30. The Project Manager knows that projects are considered complete when the objectives have been met.

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