Top 2 PMI Project Management Certification: PMP & CAPM

Benefits of Project Management Certification

With Project Management Certification, you can move ahead in your project management career and distinguish yourself from the crowd. It can increase your salary dramatically and benefit your career. Furthermore, it improves your project management skills and opens up better job opportunities across the globe.

PMI offers two well-known certifications: Project Management Professional (PMP) and Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM).

Project Management Professional (PMP) Project Management Certification

Project Management Professional PMP is globally recognized project management certification. Having a PMP certificate shows that you have sufficient knowledge and skills in managing the projects.  PMP certification ensures a common understanding of project management. It is no surprise that having a PMP certification is very desirable in today’s job market. Furthermore, some companies are making it mandatory to have a PMP certification. According to the Project Management Salary Survey (10th Edition) conducted in 2017, PMP certified professionals earn 23% more than those who do not have certificates. The PMP exam with 200 multiple choice questions is not easy and but the right effort, dedicated time and motivation will help you pass the exam.

PMP Certification Fee: $ 405 for PMI members; $ 555 for non-members. PMI membership itself costs 139 US dollars.

Note: If you do not have 35 hours project management education in advance, you need to take a training as a prerequisite. You can get project management training from different institutions or online. (The price may vary from institution to institution.)


Option-1 4.500 hours of project management experience for 4-year university graduates plus 35 hours education on project management

Option-2 7500 hours of PM experience, if you have secondary degree (high school diploma or global equivalent) plus 35 hours education on project management

Organization: PMI

Exam Info: Multiple Choice Test, 200 questions, 4 hours.

Certificate Validity Period: If you collect 60 PDUs for 3 years, you can renew your certificate without re-taking the exam.

Did you know? The number of certified project managers is increasing year after year. There are more than 865,000 PMP certified professionals worldwide as of Sep 2018. 

Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Project Management Certification

The CAPM is an entry level certification for project managers or people who are interested in entering the field of project management. If you are university student, new graduate or who do not have sufficient project management experience but aiming for a career in project management; then you can apply for CAPM certificate, which is easier than PMP.

With this CAPM certificate, by using the project management methodologies, knowledge and tools; you can increase your success in projects. CAPM Certification does show that you are genuinely interested in a career in project management. It helps gain important knowledge about project management that helps you in a job interview as well. You can use CAPM certificate as a way to obtain a higher position in larger projects and expand your responsibility. Although it is not yet known in globe as much as PMP, the popularity of this certificate will increase in the future.

CAPM Certification Fee: $ 225 for PMI members; $ 300 for non-members.


Option-1 Secondary degree (high school diploma, associate’s degree or the global equivalent) plus 1,500 hours of project experience

Option-2 23 hours of project management classroom training prior to taking the exam.

Organization: PMI

Exam Info: Multiple Choice Test, 150 questions, 3 hours.

Certificate Validity Period: You have to retake the exam every five years. 

Note: You can  take your CAPM exam online at your home or office.

What is the difference between PMP® and CAPM® certification?

  1. The CAPM® does not require project management experience whereas you need at least 3 years of project management experience in order to take PMP® exam.
  2. CAPM® is designed for beginners who wish to start their career in project management. On the other hand, PMP is suitable for those who have practical experience on project management.
  3. The PMP® certification holds more value than CAPM®.
  4. You pay less for CAPM® certification.
  5. The CAPM exam is generally much easier than the PMP exam.
  6. CAPM is valid for a period of 5 years whereas PMP is valid for a period of 3 years.
  7. You can renew your PMP® certificate without re-taking the exam by collecting 60 PDUs after 3 years whereas you have to have to retake the CAPM exam after 5 years.

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