Free PMP Practice Exam Questions

Free PMP Practice Exam (10 Questions)

Let’s measure your degree of PMP exam readiness. This practice quiz contains 10 questions.

(PMP Sınavına ne kadar hazır olduğunuzu ölçün. Bu test 10 sorudan oluşmaktadır)

Welcome to your PMP Exam Sample Test-1


Who determines the project scope requirements of a new project?

1 out of 10

___ guides the group through interactive discussions as part of a focus group.

2 out of 10

Your customer requested that the new railroad cars you are building for his company be constructed from heavy grade aluminum. After reviewing the requirements, two of your experts inform you that the customer would be better off with steel cars. You meet with the customer to discuss the issue, and he directs you to go ahead with the aluminum cars. What should you do?

3 out of 10

When a project falls behind schedule, one technique commonly applied to get back on track is ________.

4 out of 10

A ____ is/are a significant point or event in the project.

5 out of 10

Which of the following technique is the BEST way to determine project objectives?

6 out of 10

In order to help evaluate quality control outputs, the project management team needs a working knowledge of ______.

7 out of 10

You are starting a new project that has been attempted, but unsuccessful, several times in the past few years. Previous projects were cancelled because of “politics” (differing views and direction by key stakeholders) This is an example of:

8 out of 10

_____ estimates are made of potential project schedule and cost outcomes, listing the possible completion dates and costs with their associated confidence levels.

9 out of 10

In critical path method, the early and late start dates _______.

10 out of 10

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